A Reward for the best Thesis at the Arts Faculty of Zuyd Maastricht


The thesis prize is founded by the two research centres of the Faculty of Arts (Zuyd Hogeschool) to encourage students to make theses (and/or documentations of artistic processes) that do justice to their own artistic practice. Too often, reflection within arts education falls back on semi scientific ideals of validity and objectivity. This removes critical reflexivity from artistic practice. The research centres TDA and AOK support theses, documentations, reflection and research within arts education that are relevant to artistic practice.

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De wedstrijd SCRIPTIEKUNST is een initiatief van de beide lectoraten binnen de Faculteit van de Kunsten van Hogeschool Zuyd: Technology Driven Art (Peter Missotten) en Openbaarheid en Autonomie in de Kunsten (Ruth Benschop).

Op deze site kom je alles te weten over de wedstrijd SCRIPTIEKUNST die de Faculteit van de Kunsten van Hogeschool Zuyd jaarlijks organiseert voor de beste scriptie en/of documentatie van het eigen werk.
Doel is een originele en inspirerende aanpak van scripties binnen de Faculteit van de Kunsten te stimuleren. Zo bouwen we ook een referentieplek op waar studenten en docenten, inspirerende voorbeelden van scripties binnen de bachelor- en masteropleidingen kunnen vinden. Ook een kritische reflectie op en documentatie van het eigen werk komt in aanmerking voor deze prijs.
Alle inzendingen worden getoetst op gedegenheid, originaliteit en diversiteit in de aanpak.
De jury bestaat uit vakmensen en kunstenaars van binnen en buiten Hogeschool Zuyd.

Maximaal vijf winnende laureaten onder de inzendingen krijgen elk een Apple iPad ter waarde van 500 euro!
De prijzen worden uitgereikt in de winter van 2020. Elke inzender wordt hiervan per email verwittigd.
De winnende scripties/documentaties zullen daarna op deze site raadpleegbaar zijn.
De winnende scripties van 2019 en het jury rapport staan hier.

Zowel je begeleidende docent als jijzelf mag je scriptie of documentatie insturen.
De volgende inzenddatum voor de wedstrijd is 15 juli 2020 om 23u59 - voor scripties geschreven in het schooljaar 2019-20.

Ook documentatie van je eigen artistiek werk(proces) komt in aanmerking.

Scriptiekunst 2019
This year, three thesis prizes from the research centres AOK and TDA, year 2018-2019 are awarded to (in alphabetical order):

Kevin Str
der – Anomie

Kevin Strder's book is a consequent and driven exploration that starts from an obsession with the author’s mother and that combines multi-lingual texts and self-made images. What it is actually about, is only hinted at and remains nicely obscure. The jury also liked its loose feel, its abundance of questions and its urgency for the author. The first part is made up of text, containing issues and questions that, for the jury, triggered an eagerness to read more. However, the second part of the pamphlet-like book consists entirely of visual research, in which the artist’s images themselves – and their amount and order – become an argument. Such artistic research is welcomed enthusiastically by the jury.

Omid Kheirabadi – Imaging the Space

Sometimes the jury feels a need to hear from art students about what they have learned about their discipline’s history. This is definitely not a problem for Omid Kheirabadi’s extremely well researched thesis in which contextualization through an impressive amount of relevant architectural and photographical sources abound. The thesis explores the different relationships between architecture and photography and questions what it means for architecture to be designed for photographical representation. The jury really appreciated noticing how Omid has enjoyed doing the research for his thesis. Especially since Omid’s use of sources is thorough and analytic, even when his actual technical citating is at moments a bit too nonchalant and confusing.

Lindsay Zwaan – Leuk gedaan hoor, maar wat mot ik ermee? Met jouw privé?

Lindsay Zwaan wrote a refreshingly blunt, authentic and readable text addressing the ways in which she explores the differences between the private and the personal, between the real and the fake, between what can and should be shared (in theatre) and what can or should not. Her topic is relevant to theatre, even though the models she uses to push for new insights don’t always deliver the proposed result. The text does show how the author gained insights through the act of writing. The jury liked her use of the form of crossing out parts of her text providing an insight in her unfolding thought process.

(Nederlandse tekst hierboven)
Thesis prize

Both research centres within the Faculty of the Arts have taken the initiative of organising a contest for the best thesis or documentation of work.
The contest is aimed at both bachelor- and master students.
On this site, you can find information about the contest for the best thesis and/or documentation of work, which will be organised annually by the Faculty of Arts. The aim is to stimulate an original and inspiring approach to theses within the Faculty of Arts of Zuyd. In this way, we also create a point of reference for students and lecturers within the Faculty to find inspiring examples of theses within the bachelor- and master programmes. Apart from the regular thesis, a critical reflection on or documentation of work can also be submitted.

All submissions will be tested for thoroughness, originality and diversity of approach. The jury will consist of professionals and artists from within and outside of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

A maximum of 5 participants will win an iPad of some 500 euro!

You can submit your thesis or documentation on your own initiative.
The next deadline for submission is: July 15th 2020 (at 23u59) – for theses/documentations created in the school year 2019-20.

Also documents describing the may you make your art (in progress or not) can be submitted.

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This contest is an initiative of the Professorships at Arts Faculty Maastricht, Ruth Benschop and Peter Missotten.
Programmamanager Onderzoek: Ghislaine Boere
Telefoon: 0433466414
Email: ghislaine.boere@zuyd.nl